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Pricing and Policies

We believe in transparent pricing for our treatment options and services. You deserve to be an active participant in your hearing healthcare. Hearing aids can be very expensive, but they don't need to be! Most offices use what is known as a"Bundled" pricing model. This means the cost of the hearing aids along with the cost of services and warranties is bundled in the total cost up front. This ultimately drives up the price of hearing aids, forcing many patients to forgo treatment. 

Our office has implemented a unique pricing model known as an "Unbundling" or "Itemized" pricing system. This means the cost of the hearing aids, services, supplies, etc. has been broken out and you pay for services as they occur. In the majority of other offices, you may be quoted up to $8,000 or more for hearing aids because the price has been "Bundled" to include additional services which you may or may not need. With our unique "Unbundled" pricing model, your up-front cost is much lower. 
Level 1 - Basic Technology 
1-year manufacturer warranty for repair/loss and damage, $1200 per hearing aid

Level 2 - Social Technology 
1-year manufacturer warranty for repair/loss and damage, $1700 per hearing aid

Level 3 - Active Technology 
2-year manufacturer warranty for repair/loss and damage, $2200 per hearing aid

Level 4 - Premium Technology 
3-year manufacturer warranty for repair/loss and damage, $2700 per hearing aid

$300 additional cost for rechargeable option *
All levels include a 30-day Evaluation and Adjustment period
Options at the end of the Evaluation and Adjustment period include:
- Keep the device(s), arrange payment for hearing aids, and "pay as you go" for future service
- Keep the device(s), payment plans available and can be discussed with Office Manager
- Return device(s) - Incur a $300 charge for Professional Services and Restocking 
Cost for Individual Services
Hearing Aid Check/Cleaning – $5
Your hearing aids will be disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, and suctioned of all debris, and placed in our industrial dehumidifier to remove any moisture that has built up on the inside.  Once this is complete, new wax guards, domes, earmolds, tubing and microphone covers will be placed on your hearing aids and a listening check performed.
Hearing Aid Check/Programming - $
A hearing aid check appointment
consists of a thorough cleaning, hearing aid software updates, changes in hearing aid programming, and reviewing information such as cleaning, connecting to Bluetooth devices, discussing communication strategies, or discussing other assistive technology options such as television streamers, remote controls, or remote microphones.

Refitting and Verification of Lost/Replaced Hearing Aids –  $450

While under warranty, if you lose or damage a hearing aid and it is replaced by the manufacturer, you will pay a replacement cost deductible to the manufacturer.  In addition, we need to verify the new hearing aid is properly refitted to your hearing loss. Proper function of the hearing aid will be verified and the device will be refit to your ear.

Out-of-Warranty Repair – $450 
Includes refitting of hearing aid and repair of hearing aid with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

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