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Helping our Veterans

The VA disability letter is the first official notification you receive from the VA regarding its decision about your VA disability claim. This letter will outline that VA reviewers have completed their initial assessment of your claim and made a decision about whether the medical conditions in question are indeed service-related. If the decision is that your medical condition has a service connection, your VA disability letter also will communicate the disability rating for your condition and the effective date the VA has established for the condition.


Have you been denied service connection for hearing loss or tinnitus? Dr. Carter specializes in helping Veterans receive the benefits they deserve. After a thorough evaluation and case history, she will provide you with a comprehensive report to support your claim. Approximately 85% of veterans who have sought Dr. Carter's assistance have received a positive result. You will need to obtain certain documents to bring with you to the appointment. The cost for the evaluation and report is $525.

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