Best Practice Hearing Care
At Pasadena Hearing Care, our practitioners know that despite the great advances in hearing aid technology that has emerged in recent years, hearing aids do not come out of the box ready for use. Hearing aids need to be programmed and verified for patients to hear their best. Even the highest technology hearing aid will be ineffective if best practice standards are not used. 

Accordingly, Pasadena Hearing Care’s comprehensive treatment plan follows “Best Practice” for every patient. In addition to the standard diagnostic evaluation, our protocol also includes testing for the ability to understand speech in background noise, use of Communication Assessment Needs and Lifestyle Questionnaires both pre- and post-fitting, and Real Ear Verification. 

There is substantial evidence indicating patient benefit and satisfaction improve when real ear measures are part of the treatment plan and fitting process. Always performed on the day of the hearing aid fitting, this objective measurement combines hearing test results with ear canal shape, ear canal size, and the prescribed hearing aid manufacturer’s algorithm. As the measurements are running, the audiologist makes adjustments to the sound of the hearing aid or changes how the devices are coupled to the ear. Unfortunately, few providers perform real ear measurements. A proper hearing aid fitting is not complete without this critical measurement.

Having difficulty with your current hearing aids? If they were purchased at another location, we highly recommend having the devices reprogrammed using Real Ear Verification. Frequently, patients bring devices to us from other clinics where these measures were not performed. With simple reprogramming, “ok” hearing aids can be transformed into “great” hearing aids thus no need to purchase new devices. Our clinic is also equipped to test the internal electronics of your devices to determine whether the hearing aids are working according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Click here to learn about the importance of Real-Ear Measures/Verification through this helpful video.